Your day, your way

Your day, your way

PERSONALISE YOUR WEDDING AND MAKE IT ONE HUNDRED PERCENT YOU! With couples looking for new ways to make their wedding day unique, we look at ten ways to INJECT PERSONALITY INTO your day.

Spoken from the heart

Personalise your wedding by writing your own wedding vows. It might seem daunting when you are sat looking at a blank sheet of paper, but take your time and the right words will come to you. Above all, include how you feel about your partner. As well as little snippets about your relationship and promises you want to make to one another.

At ABCD we can put your words on a specially designed card, to match your wedding stationery. Ready to read in the ceremony, afterward you can treasure it as a memento from your wedding day. Give someone in your bridal party a backup copy, in case you forget your original version on the day.

Love songs

Music will be one of the first things you think of when you think about your wedding ceremony. And it is one of the most common ways to personalise your wedding. You will want a song for your walk down the aisle, a song for your journey back up the aisle as a married couple and a piece of music to play while you sign the marriage register. Choose songs that mean something to you to make the ceremony really personal. And, don’t forget your first dance song, too. Whether you do a choreographed routine or a romantic slow bop!

Wed around the clock

Choose a special time of day to say “I do”. Whether you marry at an outdoor venue while the sun is setting on a summer’s day, or during a winter ceremony, set in a cosy country house after dark, surrounded by twinkling candlelight. Choosing a more unusual time to get married – where the setting and lighting play a main role in the ceremony – will always be remembered by you and your guests.

Bespoke stationery

Think about the style of the wedding day you are planning and opt for bespoke stationery, designed by our creatives, to match this. Personalise your wedding with stationery that reflects you as a couple and the vibe of your big day. Your stationery will be the first peek your guests get of what your wedding day will be like, so choose something that echo’s your style and sets the scene perfectly.

Light of my life

A candle unity ceremony is a lovely way to give both of your mums an important role during your wedding ceremony. You and your partner each take a candle, which can be lit by your mums (or another family member). This symbolises both of your lives. Then, together you and your partner use each of the candles to light a third main candle, representing your unity.

Picture this

Why not have your wedding ceremony captured in a special way? Hire a live painter, who can set up ahead of the ceremony and paint you and your partner as you make your promises to one another. Once the ceremony is finished, you and your guests can marvel at the painting taking shape. At the end of the day, you will be presented with the finished canvas.

Word perfect

If you have a few extracts from books, poems or quotes that you love but don’t have time to include during the ceremony or speeches, you could have them designed into posters or prints in frames and dot them around your reception venue. We can design the prints, featuring the words, to suit your wedding theme for you to display. Personalise your wedding with the items you use to decorate your venue, choosing sentimental touches and things you love that come together to make your day unique. 

Stick with tradition

If you are getting married abroad, or you have cultural backgrounds you’d like to celebrate, why not embrace local traditions? From plate smashing to each of you walking down the aisle with both parents, there are so many ways to make your day different by taking inspiration from different cultures.

Let love grow

Symbolising your roots, how you will grow together and the strength of your love, the tree planting unity ceremony is another ritual that can make your wedding once of a kind. Ahead of the day, you should collect soil from each of your family homes, ready to plant your tree. Then, during the ceremony, the soil can be added to an ornamental plant bot before you plant your tree.

Make it pawfect

Our furry friends shouldn’t have to sit the day out! With more pets than ever being included in weddings, from puppies to owls and even llamas, why not include yours in your day too? Perhaps your dog could wear a floral collar with a ring box attached and pad up the aisle to meet you at the right moment, or your rabbit could pose in the bridal party photos with you…

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