Ten wedding tips to make your day run perfectly
Photography: libertypearlphotography.com

Ten wedding tips to make your day run perfectly

Once the big decisions surrounding your wedding day are set, you might be looking for wedding tips to make your day perfect. Take a little time to think about the small details that could make getting hitched run without a hitch…

Setting spray

The first of our wedding tips is to invest in some makeup setting spray, or check with your makeup artist that they will use some. You won’t want to keep rushing off to the bathroom to check your makeup every few hours. The spray will finish your look and ensure your makeup stays in place all day, too.

Crochet hook

If you have dainty buttons running down the back of your gown, invest in a crochet hook. On the morning of the wedding, when you are getting into your dress, use the hook to do up the buttons. This will save lots of time trying to do up fiddly buttons and save your mum or maid of honour from having aching fingers and broken nails!


It won’t affect how your day runs, but this wedding tip is something you may not have considered. Which perfume you will wear on your wedding day? Certain smells can evoke powerful memories. After the big day, the fragrance you choose will forever remind you of your wedding. Do you want to wear the perfume you always wear that your partner loves? One that reminds you of a special occasion spent together? Or perhaps something brand new for the big day?

wedding tips: Confetti
Photography: libertypearlphotography.com
Confetti moment

When you walk out of your ceremony your photographer will gather your guests ready for a confetti photograph. But what if your guests forget to bring confetti? Have a basket of flower petal confetti or individual sachets in your colour scheme. Then your bridesmaids can hand some out to guests as they leave the ceremony, ensuring you get the pretty picture you want.


When it comes to wedding tips for the perfect day, consider some elements that you might not have control over, such as the weather. The rain can put a dampener on your day if you’re not prepared. Hire in umbrellas, either in bright shades or to coordinate with your colour scheme, and display them in brolly buckets near the exits at your venue. Guests can grab one as they venture outside and you and the bridal party can use them as props for truly stunning photographs.

Order of the day

When you are looking at your budget and worrying that it might not stretch, you could be tempted to forgo an order of the day. Whether you print individual paper itineraries for each guest or have one large board designed to display at the front of the venue, we think it’s something you shouldn’t skip. It will ensure your day runs smoothly and guests don’t miss any important moments. Order yours from the House Collections or have a Bespoke design created by our designers. 

The speeches

Of course, those who are reading speeches on the big day will remember to sit down and write them. And you will remember to schedule time into your day so that everyone can hear them. But remembering to have a second copy is a must, just in case someone forgets their own. Give the copies to someone who doesn’t have to think about anything else, other than arriving on time.

Cake Knife

A cake knife isn’t always included in the venue’s wedding package. Therefore, when you book your venue this is something you need to check. Occasionally venues add an extra fee for use of their cake knife. If this is the case you may prefer to buy your own so that you can keep it as another memento from your wedding day.

Dancing shoes

Wedding wellington boots for you and your bridal party at a rural venue will be gratefully received, especially if the ground is wet and muddy, while a basket of rolled up ballet pumps or flipflops will ensure all of your female guests can throw off their heels and hit the dancefloor all night – a wedding tip that the girls will all be thankful for!

Thank you gifts

With all the build-up and preparations, it might slip your mind to get a thank you gift for each member of the bridal party and your parents. They will have invested a lot of time, effort and possibly money to help you create the wedding of your dreams. You could give your girls jewellery to wear on the wedding day. Thanking your parents usually comes within the groom’s speech, at this point parents are traditionally gifted flowers.

Wedding tips: Dancing shoes
Photography: libertypearlphotography.com

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